Skilled Visas

General Skilled Migration Program or the Skilled Visa Program is for those who have the necessary skills required for specific occupations in Australia. Such applicants can be sponsored by family members or State or Territory

Governments but NOT by employers. The different subclasses under this scheme are :

  • 189 Independent - It is applied for based on the applicant's skill alone and is not sponsored. The candidate should have completed studies within six months of applying for the Visa.
  • 190 Sponsored - Skilled workers who are sponsored by State or Territory is eligible for this category and who have not meet the points-test for Independent Visa.
  • 489 Reg. Sponsored- There are some regions in Australia where there are large skill shortages for jobs and these can be filled in by overseas migrant workers. This Visa is for such applicants.
  • 485 Graduate - When onshore international students do not meet the permanent skilled migration criteria, they can apply for this Visa.
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